Rating System

I like to be pretty honest with my reviews, but I'm not one for being rude about it. If there's something I didn't like, I'll mention it, but in no way will I destroy a book I didn't enjoy.

1 Gold Star

Most likely didn't finish the book or really didn't enjoy it. 

2 Gold Stars 

Some part of the book was enjoyable, but nothing really caught my attention.

3 Gold Stars

Enjoyed the book, but would not read again.

4 Gold Stars

Liked the book and would read more from the author. There may have been one thing missing that kept it from being 5 stars.

5 Gold Stars

Loved every bit of the book. Will definitely read more from the author and anything similar to it. 

I don't rate in half stars. If I feel like something is in between, I will most likely round up.

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