Review Policy

I mostly read YA (contemporary, dystopian and fantasy) and I do occasionally read adult fantasy. 

I do not get any money for my reviews, and I will always post my honest thoughts and opinions. My reviews tend to be about four paragraphs, outlining the basic storyline and some of the details I liked/disliked about the novel. I will go into the writing and character development. I try to avoid spoilers and stick towards my own personal thoughts about the book. 

At this point, I do not receive many books for review from publishers or authors yet, so I mostly review what I buy and I buy what I'm fairly sure I will enjoy - therefore, the reviews I post will probably be mostly positive ones because I won't waste money on books I think I'm going to hate. However, if I do post a negative review, I will always list my reasons for disliking the book in a respectful way and I will never attack the author personally.

If any authors are interested in having me review their book, send me an email to with a short blurb about the book. I'm up for reviewing any book that fits into the categories above. I prefer physical copies, but I do have a Kindle if necessary. 

I'd also be happy to host an interview, guest post, or giveaway. Just send me an email at

Any questions, let me know!

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