Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Book Covers

top ten favourite covers of books i've read

This week's Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is all about pretty covers. Covers that catch your eye and make you pick up a book. In no particular order, this are some of the ones that I love looking at on my shelf. 

1. A Great and Terrible Beauty
Such a beautiful cover. It sets the scene and leaves so much to the imagination. Like, you have no idea what this book is going to be about, I love that. Plus, I'm a sucker for corsets.

2. Born Wicked
My copy has the revamped cover, but I love this one so much more. Just the way Cate's lying there sends shivers   up my spine, especially since I know the kind of power she holds.

3. Wither 
What I love most about this cover is that it encompassing different themes from the novel all over the place. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out what meant what.

4. This is Not a Test
This cover is just so haunting that you know this book is going to be brutal. The blood splatter is the icing on the cake. This says zombies so quickly, it's easy to miss.

5. Sisters Red
Two sisters and a wolf. Best graphic cover I've ever seen. There's no doubting what this book is about and I could look at this cover all day.

6. Beauty Queens

I always come back to this book, but there's a good reason for that. I mean this cover is fantastic and it goes with the theme so well. She has lipstick instead of bullets. Genius.

7. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Beautiful and haunting, just like the book. This series has the best covers and they go together so perfectly, it's hard to not want them on display as art. This was definitely a selling point when I saw this book.

8. The Dark and Hollow Places
Another haunting book to go along with a haunting theme. The whole Forest of Hands and Teeth series has great covers, this is just my fave.

9. If I Die
The Soul Screamers series has beautiful covers, gorgeous dresses and great fonts, but this is my fave because of what it gives to the story. Kaylee will forever be my fave heroine.

 10. Masque of the Red Death
Everything about this cover is perfection. It's so dark and dreary, but gorgeous at the same time, just the world that's been painted in this book.

 Let me know what you think! Do we share any faves?


  1. Great List you have some pretty good picks.2&4 are my favorites from your list.
    I've only read 4 but 2 is going on my TBR list. :)
    My Top Ten http://booknerdrambling.blogspot.com/

  2. I have Beauty Queens on my TBR and that cover makes it very hard to resist!

  3. Awesome choices! The Born Wicked cover is sooo pretty, one reason why I haven't bought hte book yet is that I can't decide between the US and UK versions ^^''
    A Great and Terrible Beauty is somehow a bit creepy, though I can't really say why. But it makes the setting clear, which I like. I agree 100% about Wither, it's so related to the book and I loved using it to figure stuff out :) If I Die is sooo pretty! Before I Wake too though. But if I had to pick a fave book story-wise it'd definitely be IID.
    To be honest I used to really dislike the Mara Dyer cover and that was part of hte reason why I held out on reading it for so long. I read it on Sunday in a matter of hours and I could hit myself for waiting so long! The cover also grew on me.
    Thanks so much for stoping by yesterday :)


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