Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Series Review: Neon Dreams

It's been a while guys and I hate that I haven't been writing. This is a new review system I'm going to use for certain books to make writing more fun. Series reviews will be mini reviews for an entire series that I've finished, most will be New Adult since I've been reading a lot of those lately. Let's see how this goes!

Neon Dreams by Caisey Quinn
Nashville meets New Adult in Neon Dreams, a dramatic, sexy series from bestselling author Caisey Quinn, about a country band’s rocky road to fame—and the ambition, dreams, and love of the people who make the music.

Leaving Amarillo
Published: March 17th 2015
5 Gold Stars

Dixie Lark has had a hard life. She lost her parents when she was young and been raised by her grandparents and older brother, Dallas. Music has been her saving grace and her violin is her most treasured possession. Dixie and Dallas are living their dream and playing music together, along with Dallas's best friend Gavin. On the verge of hitting it big, Dixie should be happy, but her feelings for Gavin are clouding everything. Gavin has been told not to touch her and he listens, but Dixie needs him so she devises a plan - one night. One night to get him out of her system, one night to move on. Gavin agrees, though it's a struggle for him to break his promise to Dallas, and that one night changes everything. How do you get back to where you were after you've crossed a line that should never have been crossed?

Dixie is a tough cookie. She's been through hell but instead of wallowing, she puts all her sadness into her music and focuses on her band. Her feelings for Gavin sometimes get in the way, but she's pretty good at not letting them rule her life. I can't blame the girl though, Gavin is one hot drummer. He's tortured, has had a rough past, and cares for her more than a brother's best friend should. The tension between the two of them is so hot it comes off the pages and I waited the whole book for their night together and it was worth it. It's clear these two belong together, but circumstances make that impossible. Emotions fly off the pages. The band is finally going on a real tour and that changes a lot of things. Dallas is loving the stardom and music companies want him to go solo. Women hang off of Gavin and all Dixie can do is watch. The drama is high in this one and it's so beautifully tortured that I craved the next page to see what would happen. Dixie and Gavin are the kind of couple I love to find in New Adult. Forbidden love, but a real love. They have the kind of love for each other we all hope to find. But there's a lot Gavin needs to face before he can be ready for Dixie and the ending of this one made me immediately pick up the next book.

Loving Dallas
Published: June 16th 2015
5 Gold Stars

Dallas is living a good life now. He's so close to achieving his dream of making it big in country music. Having just signed with Mandy Lantram, a successful manager who promises big things, Dallas's life is luckier than ever. But fame comes with a price and Dallas has left behind his band, sister, best friend, and high school sweetheart, Robyn, in the pursuit of fame. When he starts the tour, a pleasant surprise shows up. Robyn is now the rep for the beer company sponsoring the tour and as soon as they are forced to work together, Dallas and Robyn realize that the old spark they thought they'd extinguished might still be a burning flame. 

Dallas isn't a bad guy, I think a lot of people would leave behind those they love to pursue a dream, but you can tell he misses them. As soon as Robyn enters his life again, he makes it his mission to win her back, but Mandy gets in the way. I love the moments Dallas and Robyn share together, even though there is a lot of pain from the past. Robyn has closed herself off since Dallas broke up with her and it takes a lot just to be near him now, but she can't fight how he still makes her feel. The chemistry between them is still potent so they decide to have fun, try not to let feelings get involved and just be friends with benefits. Of course feelings are always involved and drama ensues, but this is what relationships are like and Dallas and Robyn have a lot to work out before they can get to a good place. 

There were a lot of twists and turns, some crazy events and a surprise I didn't see coming. I got a look into the good sides and the bad sides of the music industry and what we do for the people we love. Dallas and Robyn's story is beautiful and I really hope Dixie and Gavin get their happy ending as well. 

Missing Dixie
Published: October 27th 2015
5 Gold Stars

In the final book of the Neon Dreams trilogy, Gavin is ready to tell Dixie all the reasons why he left after their night together. He's ready to fight for her and ask for forgiveness. Dixie is ready to move on and live her life without Gavin in it. But when Dallas says he wants to put the band back together and tour again Dixie finds it hard to say no and the night of her brother's wedding she finds Gavin hard to resist, especially when they are in the bathroom together. The band is getting a second chance and Gavin is asking for one. Dixie isn't so sure but Gavin is going to do everything he can to prove he's worthy of her.

Dixie and Gavin own my heart. Gavin has done a lot of things he isn't proud of. His drug addict mother rules his life and every time she calls, he goes running. But if he's going to be good enough for Dixie, he needs to start putting his own needs above his mom's, a woman who doesn't really care about him. The more Gavin tells Dixie, the easier it will be for her to forgive him. Throughout the story, he pours his heart out to her and tells her the truth about where he was when she was on her road trip, why he didn't contact her when she got back and why he lied about being in Amarillo the entire time. There are so many gut wrenching moments and I swear I went through every emotion as I read this book and by the end of it I was a mess but I was the happiest mess there is. Dixie and Gavin are the perfect characters and the love they have for each other runs so deep there was no way they wouldn't end up together. This was the perfect ending to a fantastic series and oh man can I not wait for another series from Caisey Quinn.

This series is full of raw emotions, great character growth, and the feel that only music can give you. Dreams can change, new beginning can emerge, love can grow and blossom and lives can forever be intertwined. This series has quickly become one of my favourites and I hope it is or will be one of yours.

“Life doesn't always turn out how you expect and sometimes parts of you get broken along the way, but there is always hope and even broken pieces can be rebuilt into something beautiful.”

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