Thursday, November 21, 2013

Top Ten Catching Fire Moments

This week is Hunger Games week on my blog! With Catching Fire hitting theatres this Friday, I'm devoting every post to my favourite series. 

Top Ten Catching Fire Moments

1. Katniss and Peeta sleeping together while on the Victory Tour: After everything they've been through - surviving the games together, then not speaking when returning to District 12 - but on the train, none of that matters and those moments they spend alone together are heartbreaking and beautiful. "You should wake me." "It's not necessary. My nightmares are usually about losing you. I'm okay once I realize you're here."

2. The 75th Quarter Quell announcement: This scene is short, dramatic, and heart wrenching. There's no way to tell if President Snow changed what the original envelope held, but wither way Katniss must go back in the games because she is the only female victor from District 12. This was a game changer in the book and it immediately drew me further in. 

3. Katniss and Finnick's first meeting: Who wouldn't love Finnick after meeting him. He's half naked and offering Katniss a sugar cube. He quickly became one of my favourite characters.

4. Katniss's mockingjay dress/ victors holding hands: This whole scene was fantastic. Every victor had something sly to say about the Captiol and by the time Katniss got on stage, there was already a heat
in the air. When her wedding dress turns to ashes and below it a black, feathered number, displays her as the Mockingjay. Then all the victors hold hands and it just takes everything to a whole other level. No one is happy that the victors need to return to the arena. 

5. Finnick as their ally in the games: Without knowing that Haymitch has given Katniss and Peeta allies. Finnick quickly includes himself with that and ends up protecting them a lot. He saves Peeta's life, fishes for food, and is willing to sacrifice everything to protect them. Katniss has mixes feelings about this because she knows eventually she'll have to kill him. But in this, we find out a lot about his character, how he's in love with a mad girl back home, and that he is just as haunted as Katniss is.

6. Tick tock, this is a clock: Wiress is smarter than most the other tributes and she is the first to realize that the arena is designed as a clock. It's a great addition to the games and I love it much more than the first arena. There are killer monkeys, blood rain, lighting trees, and jabberjays who threaten you into madness by mocking your family members. The games were much shorter in this book than the first, but they were more intense, scarier and all too real. 

7. The beach scene: A scene that equally rivals the cave scene. It's a short, tender moment where nothing else exists but Katniss and Peeta and she kisses him not as a part of the games, but because she wants to. It's beautiful and perfect and gives us Peeta lovers more hope.

8. Katniss desperately trying to save Peeta after she's been attacked: Katniss is attacked and the first thing she worries about is that she left Peeta alone with Finnick and there's no telling if he's still alive. Not caring if anyone hears her, she runs to where she last saw him, willing to do anything it takes to save him. The pain she feels when he's not there is gut wrenching and she calls out to him in hopes of finding him. The saddest part is that she will not see him again for a very long time.

9. Katniss destroying the arena: In her final act of rebellion, thinking she will not survive to see the consequences, Katniss shoots an arrow into the chink in the force field. It destroys the arena and she is quickly retrieved before she can die. Everything is a blur after that, but she did what we all knew she would and it was spectacular. 

10. Finding out that the other tributes were all trying to keep Peeta and Katniss alive: After being rescued, Katniss finds out that the other tributes were helping her survive, all part of large plan to overthrow the Captiol. She's upset that she wasn't let in on the plan, but she's even more upset that Peeta is nowhere to be seen. The Captiol has him and she knows the last thing she'll do before she dies is make sure he is safe. The fact that she now lives for Peeta is the best thing that could happen. 

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